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Work description

Here I am working on the head of a doll. As you can see, I am creating little darling dolls: they are only about 8,5" to 9,5" (21 - 23 cm) tall. After firing the head I paint the face. The hand painted eyes have an unique expression. At last I fit the wig. These mohair wigs are hand knotted and specially made for my dolls.
The head, arms and legs are made of porcelain. The cloth body is filled with soft material and a sandbag. At the dolls back there's a ribbon, so the doll can take many positions. Besides lying, my babies can also sit and even crawl.

While finishing the character of a doll, I collect ideas for the dress. Sometimes it's really hard to find all the fabric and accessories I had imagined. I always try to take only natural materials.

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Wiltrud Stein
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